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These Certificates are about basic Seamanship. A proven ability to handle your craft responsibly. Knowledge of the IRPCS, buoyage, pilotage, passage planning as required by 'Solas V' and basic navigation.

In the UK no Certificate or Licence is required to sail at Sea, but if you want to sail to the near Continent: France, Spain, Belgium, Holland etc. An ICC is required and if you want to take your boat into the inland waterways then you should also have an CEVNI endorsment to your ICC..


Shockwave (In practice for the Sydney to Hobart race 2001)



Australia's 'Shockwave' getting ready for the 2000 Sydney to Hobart race.

Training in Sydney Hbr.





AB.Sailing Cruises can help you with these requirements. Please email or phone us for
availability as these courses are split between the practical and theoretical elements.

One of the areas all to easily forgotten in this busy day and age is 'Flag Etiquette'.
I recently came across a useful .pdf file written by a John Weale on this subject:


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