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AB.Sailing Cruises established in 1993; teaching RYA courses in sailing, seamanship and navigation however its principal has actually been teaching these subjects for LEAs (Local Education Authorities) in London at Tower Hamlets since 1974, and in North East Essex at Frinton on Sea.

We are committed to providing RYA courses throughout the winter months but are often sailing during the summer, however we will always try to accommodate potential students whenever possible. Please email or telephone to see if we can organize a date to suit your time.

Do I need an RYA course? Click on this link. GPS is so reliable isn't it? Answer link. In addition to the transcript found by following the 'Answer link', there is also an MP3 sound bite that is quite interesting. If you have any comments or questions about our products or services, or need more information or to contact us, click on the contact link (Query) on any page within this site. There is also a free software programme you can download; it is ‘freeware’ and is for the accurate interpolation of tidal stream rates for areas along the South Coast of England and the Southern North Sea. On various of the pages within this site are downloadable PDF documents, to read these you will need a copy of 'Adobe Reader' or 'Foxit Reader', happily both these programmes are free and the latter is much smaller. (see below)

We teach most of the RYA shore-based courses:

We also test applicants for their I.C.C. (International Certificate of Competence) followed up with the CEVNI endorsement for inland Continental Cruising.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.

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