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We hope the visit has been worthwhile and that you were able to satisfy your curiosity, if you are on this page you have probably forwarded your name and email address to us, either because you have a question or are interested in one of our courses, or you would like to download the small tidal stream programme. If it's either of the former please allow a few days for your reply, in the Summer months we can be abroad sailing, if it's the latter then you will find the programme useful on some of the RYA charts namely charts 1 & 2 based on Plymouth, so if you are revising an older exercise paper then it will be O.K., or indeed in the real World where the programme will give you the actual tidal stream rate for the day and range of tide, for the South Coast of UK and or the Southern North Sea. It is only 60KB & should download quickly, please be sure to read the file 'README_1ST.txt' that will come with the programme as it gives full instructions on how to use the software, click on the 'tidestream' below.


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