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RYA GMDSS VHF (DSC) Short Range Radio Course


The ICOM VHF (DSC) Radio.

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ICOM VHF DSC Marine Transever

This course leads to the acquisition of a "Very High Frequency, Digital Selective Calling, Short Range Certificate". Once an individual has acquired their licence it will remain valid for the duration of his or her interest in sailing. Owners of British flagged vessels must also make sure the equipment meets the necessary 'European' type approval, 'CE mark' and has a valid "Ship Radio Licence".  It would also be a good idea to make sure the radio will "talk to" the owners G.P.S. navigation instrument. This can be checked at the time of purchase by confirming the two pieces of electronic equipment use the same N.M.E.A; (National Marine Electronics Association) The current standard is 0183 Ver 2 but if you are buying new equipment to link up with older electronics you should make sure which version the older equipment uses, as they should match.

This is a full day course for those with no prior experience of VHF radio telecommunications. However, for those who own an old style restricted VHF/SRC licence, the 'upgrade' to the new type licence can be covered in half a day.

We do not run these courses on a continuous basis, the maximum number we can accommodate would be eight and the minimum four, please send an email using the query link below to establish availability.

If you already have your VHF/DSC licence and are thinking of taking your boat to France, Belgium or the Netherlands (especially if cruising inland) you will need to apply for an ATIS number from Ofcom, then have your radio adjusted to incorporate the new number and the ATIS system. You will also have to carry a copy of the 'ATIS RAINWAT' agreement with your license, you can download the agreement here by clicking on the following links: ATIS Rainwat_agreement plus ATIS for none rainwat country's.


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