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"The aim of RYA sail cruising and Yachtmaster Scheme is to encourage high standards of seamanship and navigation; in pursuit of the RYA's belief that a system of voluntary education is more likely to achieve higher standards of safety, than legislation to control and regulate our sport".

Applicants for this course would be expected to have knowledge to at least RYA Day Skipper practical level, although a yachtsman or women with considerable offshore experience should be OK. This is an advanced course in navigation and meteorology for candidates for the Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate. The syllabus makes some provision for revision of subjects in the elementary course but those who have not acquired the knowledge set out in the elementary course are unlikely to be able to assimilate all the subjects covered in the advanced course in the time available. There is a PDF document associated with this page that you can either view here or download.(NorthPole move.PDF) The RYA recommends a minimum duration for each of these courses of 40hrs plus a time allowance for the test papers. We can offer an intensive course of one week (6 days in a row) alternatively three weekends, slightly less intensive with time to reflect and assimilate on that which was taught the previous weekend.

Yachtmaster Exercise Papers
Bearing in mind you are thinking of a 'Yachtmaster Course' download the following file and detirmine what decision you would make about the questions asked therein: Meteorological Forecast.




















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